Our Story

We started on our neighbors porches.

We are Down Home builds in local communities by going door to door in neighborhoods and small towns across North Carolina just like yours. We have open, curious and earnest conversations with our neighbors, asking them to help us identify what issues matter most to them as we build a North Carolina that works for all.

We are Down Home is a non for profit 501c3 charitable organization engaging in non-partisan advocacy work in our hometowns.

We are member guided.

Our local members are the best people to know what their communities need and to drive the work forward.

We are grassroots.

We believe in bottom-up change: It is the people who live in our communities who can and must come together, organize, and take action.

We are building movements, here at home.

So often, people equate building movements with urban centers. But We Are Down Home organizes in small towns, backroads, and in country places because its were we are from and it’s where we want to stay. 

Rural communities are impacted by the same hardships you find elsewhere: Poverty, low wages, underfunded schools, etc — but we have additional hurdles to overcome.

Not only are we often spread out physically, but our towns are frequently run by “good ol’ boy” networks that try to shut people out. That’s why we think its important to organize where we live and take on the unique challenges of those places. We are overcoming dog whistle politics and the forces designed to keep us apart by intentionally building across race.

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