It is time we decide the issues.

We are Down Home is organizing around issues that matter to you.

Our members decide what issues we work on in our communities and we work together to advocate for what working families need most in rural North Carolina. We host teach-ins, rallies, and other awareness events in our home towns.

Living Wages

Our communities are struggling. Too many employers in rural North Carolina pay wages that are far below the cost of living, creating a terrible ripple effect of food insecurity, homelessness, and instability in our hometowns. No one who is working should still be so poor. We are Down Home advocates for policies that support living wages and supports businesses that provide a living wage to their employees.

Health Care for All

Going to the doctor or filling a prescription should never be out of reach for any of our neighbors in the North Carolina– but in the communities we live in, that is all too often the case. We are Down Home advocates for health care access for everyone, including access to mental health care and harm reduction programs for folks struggling with addiction. We also advocate for and support Medicaid Expansion in North Carolina.

Criminal Justice Reform

Tough on crime policies too frequently play out as the policing of the poor in North Carolina. Low income and working class families are destabilized and disrupted by the criminal justice system, which often penalizes poor people with unfair bail costs, fines, and more. We are Down Home advocates for policies that stop the criminalization of poverty and lead to community healing instead of harm.

“If we can figure out solutions to healthcare, to
opioids, to giving people places to live, too making
sure there are jobs, then we could respect one another and love one another more. We are gonna
win no matter what as long as we stick together.”

Sam Wilds, Canton, NC – Down Home

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