Rural Organizing


Rural North Carolina Matters 

For a long time now, rural North Carolina has suffered from divestment. Good jobs have moved away, local newspapers are being shuttered, and even local politicians seem more interested in corporate money than local people. We are Down Home invests in rural people and rural places by intentional multiracial, working-class organizing. We are community led and community focused and proud have members and supporters in every rural county across North Carolina! 

If you want to connect with other folks in your community who are looking to fight for poor and working class issues, then we invite you to come on into our work at We Are Down Home. You can find a local event or chapter meeting near you here. 

Statewide Organizing 

We are Down Home is currently organizing in the following focus areas to make improvements in our local communities

Rural North Carolinians care about public schools. Why? Because most of us went to public schools and many of us are parents of public school children today.

We want to see North Carolina reinvest in public schools by providing full funding and support. Our schools should be places where all children can thrive.

Interested in getting involved? Contact us here.

Rural North Carolinians care about healthcare. Poor and working people deserve access to heath care as much as anyone does and shouldn’t be rationing prescriptions or afraid to go to the doctor because of the bills.

We believe in our government investing in health care so that more people can get quality and consistent care.

Interested in getting involved? Contact us here.

Rural North Carolinians care about the climate. Climate change is impacting the lives of rural working people through extreme weather risks and impact on the environment we live and work in.

We need state and local solutions to climate change to protect our towns and families.

Want to get involved? Contact us here.

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