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Front porches. Kitchen tables.

We are Down Home is engaging in transformative conversations and building multiracial working-class community across North Carolina.

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We live here.​

We Are Down Home is organizing in small towns and rural places that are in a battle with the far-right and are often controlled by racially coded politics. But we live here, and we know what our communities need… and what we are about. We know that we must break apart dog-whistle narratives that are used to divide us and instead gather around shared issues that bring us together.

We advocate here.

Criminal Justice Reform

Healthcare for All

Worker’s Wages and Rights

Local Issues

Our future is here.

We are Down Home advocates around the issues and concerns that connect rural communities while confronting issues of race and class head-on. It’s a tall order, but we are up to the challenge because this is our home. Get involved.

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